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    Ayron Howey

    Head Instructor

    Sifu Ayron Howey has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years and has trained in many styles including Wushu, Xing Yi, Bagua, Sanshou, Iron Shirt Qi Gong, Da Pong Qi Gong, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Thai Boxing, Hung Gar, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. His current focus is teaching meditiation and qigong.

    Ayron is a Tudi of Grand Master Liang Shou-Yu, a living legend and respected around the world for his vast martial arts knowledge and skill.

    Ayron is an avid trainer that will push his students to the limit only to begin training them at a higher level of intensity. Ayron works to incorporate all the elements of Chinese Wushu into his training and coaching sessions, training body and mind. Training in Sanshou is just one aspect in which he specializes and he stresses to his students to look for a balance. Ayron has had articles on Sanshou and Linking Combinations published in Kung Fu Magazine.

    He follows a rigorous schedule to keep in shape. For him, martial arts is a way of life.

    Professional MMA and Kickboxing Fighter
    7th Degree Master Certification – International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (I.W.S.D.A.)
    7th Degree Instructor Certification – Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations (C.C.W.O.)
    Hung Gar Blackbelt
    Director of Sanshou for Canada, I.W.S.D.A.
    Director of Sanshou for Canada, C.C.W.O.
    Chairman of Sanshou for BC (Wushu BC)
    National Sanshou Team Coach
    2 Time Canadian Sanshou Champion
    Gold Medalist, Sanshou, Pan American Championships

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    Kung Fu

    A Tudi of Sifu Ayron Howey and his first and only (to date) Wuji Black Belt, Albert fell in love with Kung Fu through the time honoured tradition of watching Chinese Kung Fu films as a child. He has been practising Kung Fu since 2000 and has focused mainly on Hung Gar and the internal styles of Xing Yi Quan, Tai Ji Quan, and Liu He Ba Fa. When teaching, he focuses on the fundamentals in order to build a firm foundation in those he teaches. Albert’s knowledge of kung fu is extensive and he is a senior instructor.


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    Nino Patane

    Combat and Fitness, Personal Training

    Nino Patane has been practicing martial arts since the age of 16. Within that time he has trained in a variety of different styles including but not limited to: Kung fu, Xing Yi, Wrestling, Sanshou, MMA, Boxing, and Tai Chi.

    He is a student of Sifu Ayron Howey & Dan Marks and continues to learn from both of them to this day.

    Having also been a student of the Douglas college Sport Science program Nino has extensive knowledge on contemporary training practices.

    As the Canadian National Sanshou champion for 2013 he has fought for Canada at the world championships in Malaysia. His tenacious style allows him to grind down his opponents and win through sheer force of will.

    Using a unique blend of old world and contemporary training practices along with an easy going but tough approach Nino brings out the best in his clients.  If interested in training with Nino, he can be reached by either phone or e-mail.

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    Tony Bujas

    Hung Gar

    Tony started his formal martial arts career with Hung Gar in 1975 and is an instructor in that art and also has know-how in Seven Star Preying Mantis, White Crane, Shaolin and Kickboxing.

    Tony has been training in Vancouver, B.C. Canada with Master Shou-Yu Liang since 1989 and is one of his Tudi’s. He studies Emei, Bagua, Xing Yi, Taiji, Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style), Sanshou, Qigong, and the Shu Shan Wu Ji Xiao Yao System. He is an Instructor of the SYL Wushu Institute as well as at Wuji Systems and is also an 8th degree  black belt Instructor of the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.

    As a martial artist, he practices to explore and improve himself while keeping fit, learning self defence and martial culture. He enjoys the work and play of training and guiding students along their journey.

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    Gillian was born into boxing. The third generation to step into the ring, she began under the instruction of her grandfather and has spent the last twenty years punching people in the face. A two-time BC Bronze Gloves champion and 2012 Tiger Balm Sanshou gold medal winner, she maintains a 5 & 0 record. Her style is fast-paced and technical.