Total Human Development

At Wuji Systems we practice Total Human Development: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Body, or physical conditioning, in our variety of classes or private training is essential in our hectic modern world. A neglected body is ravaged by age, mistreatment and injury that sidetracks or even stops us from ever reaching our full potential.

At Wuji Systems we create an environment of stability and family. We work hard but have fun and have many social events that add to the atmosphere in a positive way. We have seen many students over the years improve physically, overcoming body imbalances, old injuries and just getting more physically fit. Strength and conditioning exercises are a part of every class, that’s how important fitness is to us.

Mind programs centre on the traditional disciplines of Kung Fu, meditation and Qigong. You will learn to listen to your internal dialogue, break through negative patterns and become a better functioning human being. These programs are accessible to all skill levels and with a little practice you will soon see its extensive benefits in your daily life.

Spirit is the non physical part of you that is the seat of your character and emotion. Some call it the soul. We focus on cultivating spirit through an inclusive and supportive environment. We encourage you to explore the definition of who you are to live your best life.

Body, Mind and Spirit. It means that you are cultivating all the aspects of what it means to be human. You understand your strengths and your weaknesses and the ties that bind us all together as a human family. It means Total Human Development. We believe in it. We hope you will as well.