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    “We believe in Total Human Development – training the body as well as the mind and nourishing the soul and spirit”

  • Summer is over, sorry. Image

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We offer classes in Traditional Kung Fu, Sanshou - Chinese Free Fighting, Fitness Conditioning, Qigong, Meditation, Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Yoga.

Summer is over, sorry.

By Ayron Howey

42560003Time to get back in the gym! We have expanded our Kung Fu program with more classes per week. Check it out in our Classes section. If you have never tried Kung Fu before, don’t be hesitant to try. We train all levels. In my opinion this is the best class we teach. Our Martial Movement class is going strong with our martial arts based drills, our balance exercises, vaulting, olympic rings and fingerboard for rock climbing type exercises! As always we offer Personal training in all that we offer with highly competitive rates and just like our classes there are NO contracts. Come and try out a free class or come down first and chat with one of our talented instructors! See you in the gym!

Summer Rain

By Ayron Howey

Rainy June in Vancouver is what coined the term June-uary, it’s a small price to pay to refill water supplies as we head into summer. I advise my private clients to up their intake of garlic and ginger and to get in a daily walk outside to acclimate the body appropriately. Practicing martial arts outdoors or movement is also a good idea, embrace your environment, don’t escape it. This is me performing part of a tripod transition from MovNat up at God’s Pocket in the Browning Pass, off Vancouver Island.


I am on Patreon now

By Ayron Howey

I found a site that allows me to merge my creative writing (fiction) and my vast experiences in martial arts, it’s called Patreon. See me here:


I will put up some free stories, in fact there is one up now! Check it out and let me know what you think. Sponsorship starts at $1 and I have lots of cool rewards including private lessons with myself.

So check it out, pass it on-martial arts is an art and I would love to continue to create art combining both of these mediums which I am passionate about.