• Self Defence Workshop – 6 weeks! Image

    “We believe in Total Human Development – training the body as well as the mind and nourishing the soul and spirit”

  • Self Defence Workshop – 6 weeks! Image

    December and January Specials:
    Personal Training: 99$/month for four personal training sessions
    Circuit Class: 50$/month – three classes per week

We offer classes in Traditional Kung Fu, Sanshou - Chinese Free Fighting, Fitness Conditioning, Qigong, Meditation, Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Yoga.

Self Defence Workshop – 6 weeks!

By Ayron Howey

We will be offering a Self defence six week workshop beginning in mid to late February. Because this class will run Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm we will also include the Tuesday Circuit class that runs from 6pm to 6:30pm for free for the entire 6 weeks! Self defence is an essential skill for everyone and requires no previous experience, open to all levels of fitness. We will cover threat assessment, mindfulness and mental preparedness, joint locks and takedown defence, striking and more. Class space will be limited to 16 participants so email us now to reserve your spot.


Price is $150 plus gst for 6 weeks

Welcome to 2018!

By Ayron Howey

Still no jetpacks…..

Classes are back on, regular schedule is in effect. I’m hoping to make Kung Fu training a very important focus for this year and I credit all the success in my life to training in this traditional martial art. Kung Fu has everything you need, you probably just don’t know it yet. Forget what you think you might know about Kung Fu and come try a class. We are a fighting school and we believe strongly in training appropriately, ground fighting included. Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Summer is here!

By Ayron Howey

Summer is here and our Kung Fu class recently completed its first outdoor adventure in Golden Ears park for a 3 hour hike! We will continue to organize hikes every month so ask us how you can tag along. Kung Fu classes run 4 days a week and is our strongest (and best) class on offer. Come and try a class for free or active members bring a friend or family member in. I could go on and on about why everyone needs Kung Fu in their life but I’ll save that for another time. Come and try for yourself, make up your own mind.