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    “We believe in Total Human Development – training the body as well as the mind and nourishing the soul and spirit”

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    Winter Special:

    Unlimited classes for $99/month

    available for December or January

We offer classes in Traditional Kung Fu, Sanshou - Chinese Free Fighting, Fitness Conditioning, Qigong, Meditation, Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Yoga.


By Ayron Howey

As winter approaches and the rain has begun, I feel it’s important to remind my students and clients about the importance of eating well and exercising regularly. Not allowing the darkness and dreariness to overwhelm you is a struggle many Vancouverites face every winter. There are clear links to seasonal depression and lack of exercise and poor diets. Push yourself to eat clean and workout. Do tai chi. Kick some pads. Do some burpees. You’ll feel much better afterwords, believe me.

Raise Your Bar

By Ayron Howey

img_5827As I have always been involved in fitness and martial arts I have to remind myself that others are different and that I should clarify why it is such an important part of my life. Training my body to work efficiently was ingrained in me as a boy when I first began studying martial arts. It’s important to me that I can perform almost any physical exercise regardless of my age or situation. I want to be able to count on myself. Can I go up stairs without breathing heavy? Can I defend myself in a self defense situation? Can I hike up a mountain? Swim in the Ocean? Move through an urban environment easily and without difficulty? These are things that I feel are essential to JUST being a regular human being. Not exceptional. Not an athlete. Not superman. Just simply the norm, the status quo. We as humans have lowered the bar  on our physical expectation in the modern era of couch surfing and fast food. Martial arts and fitness is the best way in my opinion to raise your own bar. Martial arts will make you faster, stronger, more vital. It will also make you feel better about yourself in so many ways. Don’t rely on someone else to carry your bags. Don’t rely on someone else to protect you in a bad situation. Don’t rely on someone else to fix your brain. Try martial arts, any martial art! You’ll become better, believe me.

Kung Fu Program Expanded

By Ayron Howey


Kung Fu has always been the cornerstone of Wuji Systems. Our original name was actually Wuji Xiao Yao Kung Fu Academy, it was changed when we started offering other classes besides Kung Fu. Recently we expanded the Kung Fu class so that it runs 3 days a week as well as the companion class of Hung Gar. Kung Fu is now 4 days a week for a very low price. Chinese Martial Arts is something I believe in, it has shaped my life and saved my life, which is why I wanted to expand the class. More people should do kung fu. It is a whole system of traditional learning that includes such things as Chi Kung and Tai Chi, I’m always astounded when people don’t know that Tai Chi is a systems of Kung Fu!  Come and try a class, the first one is on me. Let’s make Kung Fu as prolific as Yoga and Jujitsu!