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    Wuji Xiaoyao Kung Fu Academy

    Sifu Ayron Howey and Sifu Albert Wong

    A traditional Chinese Martial Arts class. You will train the mind, body and spirit with a strong emphasis on application and combat. This 2 hour class incorporates open hand and weapon forms, fitness, sparring and meditation.  The curriculum draws from both the Wuji Xiaoyao system from the Omei teacher Master Liang Shou-Yu and the Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu.

    Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 11:00am

    $100/month. $130/month to combine with Thursday’s Hung Gar class.
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    Nino Patane

    A fitness class for all levels compiled by our experienced trainers who draw on their many years of functional training. Equal parts fun and challenging, you will perform a variety of ever changing exercises at each station with intervals in between. With consistent attendance to this class you will loose weight, increase strength and cardio vascular function and above all have fun! An efficient and effective 30 minutes on weeknights and 45 minutes on Saturday.

    Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 6pm, Saturday at 12:15pm.

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    Gillian Jarvie and Nino Patane

    The sweet science is taught by instructor Gillian Jarvie, a third generation boxing coach, competitor and experienced fighter. Proper punching, boxing drills, pad work and strategy are key components of this class. Sparring is optional. This one hour class will improve your boxing skill, your confidence and your fitness level.

    Tuesday at 6:30.  Saturday at 1:00 pm.

    $60/month for once a week. $100/month for twice a week.
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    Instructor Ayron Howey, Instructor Nino Patane and Instructor Dan Marks

    Striking, wrestling and submissions are all covered in this efficient one hour class. Rooted in Chinese Freefighting or Sanshou (‘San-Show’) this class adopts a fluid approach to mixed martial arts.  All disciplines are taught together and not broken up into separate classes.  Our top instructors are decorated coaches and fighters who have travelled the world to compete in combat sports.

    Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 2pm.

    $60/month for once a week. $100/month for twice a week.
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    Hung Gar

    Sifu Tony Bujas and Sifu Albert Wong

    This Southern Shaolin style Kung Fu system is world famous and well respected. Hung Gar’s focus is on five animal and five element training. This class is taught by Sifu Tony Bujas, a renowned martial artist with decades of experience. Sifu Tony is an old school teacher with an old school approach. The vanishing world of traditional martial arts is something to be experienced before it is gone forever.

    Thursday at 6:30 pm.

    $50/month. $130/month to combine with Traditional Kung Fu classes.
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    Martial Method Movement

    Sifu Ayron Howey

    To train the mind and nourish the soul allows us to build a better body. Our Martial Method Movement Class combines centuries of martial arts techniques and principles with modern movement exercises.

    This class is a playful and energetic hour and is taught in such a way as to awaken your latent aptitude for natural movements and remind you of the play you enjoyed as a child.

    The techniques offered will help you reclaim the spacial awareness and natural movement that we have long forgotten in our modern world of paved roads and elevators. By training in the Martial Method you will see an increase in the overall quality of your life.

    Tuesday at 6:30 pm.


    $30/first month for new students. $50/month.