Xingyi (xingyiquan, Hsing I) Form and Mind Boxing”

Xingyi is a systems of martial arts that is generally included in the Internal classification. Tai Chi, Bagua and Liu He Bafa or Water Style are the other styles in this classification. This designation is attributed to Sun Lutang a famous martial arts teacher who died in 1933. Xingyi is based primarily on the Wu Xing or Five Element theory but all includes 12 animal techniques. Legend tells of the famous Song Dynasty General Yue Fei as being the creator but this has largely been discredited. Today we believe the the art originated with Ji Jike in the late Ming era.  Xingyi is a martial art that we at Wuji Systems teach in its entirety, specifically the Hebei branch. We use it for health, fitness and combat. The entire xingyiquan systems is found within our Wuji curriculum. This is a style we believe in. It has been called the oldest of the Internal Arts and seems to be the most fighting focused of the 4. Sun Lutang has a quote that I like very much:

“Before training, there is no thought or intention, no figure or image, no self or others, only Qi exists in the chaos of the body. This state is called Wuji in Xing Yi. Without knowing the principle of inverse motion, people always rigidly adhered to the principle of direct motion nature.”

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