Don’t Give Up

It’s the holiday season and already I have to remind personal clients that it is ok to indulge, but it is not ok to quit. Don’t give up. Sure have a taste, but don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with a negative mindset come Dec 26th, and January will be a bitch. Don’t start the New Year feeling that you are behind! Keep working over the holidays, watch your calories, indulge but  don’t overdo it. Don’t let it get out of hand. Keeping a positive mindset and strong focus is work that you need to do every day. There are no days off; only moments that you choose to indulge with the full understanding of the impact your choice has on your health. This is how I live, how I have always lived. I eat pizza, I eat burgers, I drink beer and over the holidays I will have a rum and egg nog…. BUT I am fully aware of what I have to do because of my indulgence. Because a dietary  slip is NEVER stronger than my mindset. So stay strong, have fun have a candy cane – then do a goddamn burpee. Happy Holidays!

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